How can we use social networking in the classroom?

—Social networking sites are great tools for any type of collaborative project from the various KLA’s including Science, SOSE, English, the Arts, and Health and Physical Education. Technology would also obviously be integrated —Social networking sites allow students to create and share content and virtual objects such as text, images, audio and video, post messages, create profile pages and private social spaces, and research collaboratively using social bookmarking and sending links to each other—Students can also contact, ask questions and communicate with a diverse range of students, teachers and experts —Social Networking could also be used extensively in the English and Arts KLA’s—Book/movie reviews, blogs/diary entries, reports, poems/song writing, creating, reciting, recording and sharing plays/skits the opportunities are almost endless—Critical literacy skills are enhanced as students compare and contrast research—Technology skills are also enhanced as students learn how to use new technologies and applications